News Mashup Fun

This is basically content from multiple websites and sources combined to form a new site. I love news mashup sites, and there are some really great ones out there, Netvibes, Pageflakes, iGoogle Most of them let you publish your ‘mashup’ to other people or sites.I use Google Reader every day to filter my way through hundreds of stories and create my own personalized news feed where in times past I would have had to look at their web site. It’s really made my net connected life a lot more enjoyable, saving time and letting me explore more, which is what it’s all about.

flickvision screenshot

I recently came across flickrvision (created by Dave Troy) it’s a mashup showing the world map from Google maps (in 3D or 2D) and then it shows you images as they are posted to the flickr website with their locations around the world it’s really beautiful to watch, and it really seems to bring the world closer to you.

The whole web is buzzing with what sites are coming out next that mash up content, and aside from Google even Yahoo and Microsoft are looking at ways that that users can generate their own personalised web content. There is of course a real reason why mashup sites are so profitable aside from basic advertising.Every user who generates their own custom web content is generating valuable user profile information about themselves that back to the company that’s serving out the data. The company can then customize the data that the user is receiving making it more personal to them based on their usage, and ensure that the user is getting adverts, or content which would be suitable for them. Hey! even if they don’t target show adverts, they can still mine the data – either way they get something out of you.

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