So it’s my birthday and i’m thinking of things to contribute

A lot’s happened in the past few months. I haven’t commented on iPad or iPhone 4 simply because there’s not much to say about them than the comments that have already been made by the general Blogosphere. From a marketing perspective iOS 4 is important due to the new iAD program.

Click through rate is currently running 5 times higher than the Android equivalent. The number are utterly stunning with ECPM rate 300 times higher than Android. Time will no doubt see that get lower, but compared to the minuscule click-through rate of normal web banners it’s astonishing.

iPad and iPhone sales are crazy – sure Apple had the hoohaa of the signal loss issue if you have your fat hands over the antenna while calling, but what kind of idiot would buy a £500 phone and not have a protective case for it. To be honest people like that don’t deserve technology, they’re the kind of user that slings their corporate laptop around on a table, or returns their computer with toast crumbs all over the keyboard.

While the iPhone is evolutionary, the iPad is revolutionary – I’ve seen users switch from PC laptops straight to an iPad with no teething issues – something that has quite frankly surprised me. It’s another nail in the coffin for paper based print as magazines continue to take the device seriously, although far from being the death of publishing it could be the second coming if taken seriously. All major tech manufacturers are now building their own versions of the iPad, Android, and Windows  mobile continue to try and evolve to take on Apples dominance of the market, and RIM are set to bring out a successor to the miserable STORM in the coming weeks. The problem with and Android phone is obsolescence – the steady march of firmware updates is leaving users clueless on features – While the iPhone is restricted to the Apple store – for the average non-geek this works out perfectly fine, you sync with 1 App you update with the same application – the only thing you need to learn how to use is iTunes. Apple have got it bang on for the normal user. Android is already plagued by a massive divergence in technology between manufacturers and phones shipping with Android 1, 2, 2.1 consumers are already confused. While an iPhone user can set their sites on the next iPhone upgrade a year away new android models are coming out every 3 weeks or even faster – causing confusion and frustration.

iPad, and the iAd platform is an amazing opportunity for any marketing agency to take a lead in a technology that’s seriously showing it’s potential to clients right here and now.

Ok – Rant over, i’m having a great birthday, and I’ll start updating some examples of the above soon.

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