Skittles Ride The Social Networking Rainbow


Skittles have made the incredibly brave move of making a twitter search their custom home page.

Any tweet that uses the word ‘skittles’ now appears on the skittles home page. Brave because no bigger brand has done it before, dangerous because that includes negative skittles comments, wonderful because it’s generating a massive amount of comments that involve the word skittles, people are tweeting posts with the word skittles in them just to get their post appearing on the skittles home page.
They haven’t just stopped with twitter though, their media section has now become their youtube channel, their pictures section is now their flickr channel, Social is their facebook section, and about is wikipedia in fact just about the only non social part of their site is the actual product range page. It must have been a fairly low-cost experiment – but it’s almost a total embrace of the social web. It’s an exercise in not re-inventing the wheel, and a totally honest opening of the brand for the world to rip it apart or build it up (even if they can’t buy skittles in the country that they’re looking at twitter in). The buzz that’s being generated right now is totally off the scale. Genuis.

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