Micro Video Blogging

I’ve recently been looking at Hictu.com, it’s essentially another Twitter clone, letting you publish your feeds, or texts into Hictu.

Just to recap – Twitter is a micro blogging service – designed for you to write short text messages to record your day – publishing them to the site by sms, or chat program, You can then have your twitter feed published direct onto your website or Facebook profile, and people can follow what you’re up to. Likewise you can be kept constantly up to date with what your friends are up to, and what you’re doing – ‘twittering’. Twitter has taken the internet by storm, and many communities have been quick to jump on the bandwagon and allow twitter like functionality from their social networks

The most unique feature that Hictu offers is the ability to add 60 second mini clips into your posts. After publishing the usual ‘wiggling the desk toys in front of the camera’ experiments I began to wonder actually how practical it would be to treat the video micro blogging in the same way that we normally treat micro blogging with text.

The advantage of text based micro blogging is that it’s incredibly quick, can be sent via a quick sms, or aim and it doesn’t depend on too many gadgets – It’s also incredibly easy for other people to receive text alerts and copies of your message. Anyway – i thought it was worth a shot. So on Friday i embarked on recording extravaganza in order ‘vblog’ (video blog) my day. When I double-checked though i found out that i couldn’t actually upload video posts to Hictu – It turned out that Hictu only accepts posts made direct from the computer itself, which pretty much means that your completely tied to an active internet connection, and having the camera and computer with you. This is something I’m sure that’s being looked at – they don’t have the video encoding resources or storage space that YouTube does. Anyway – I wasn’t too down hearted, I carried on with my experiment – apart from the fact that i couldn’t record anything out off range of the house. (I did actually go out on Saturday, just in case the following video’s give the impression that I’m a hermit).

Hictu isn’t really ready for prime-time yet, but it’s video functionality is definitely the way things seem to be pointing, I hope it goes far.

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