facebook crushes myspace

facebook beats myspace

As predicted facebook has utterly crushed facebook in the battle of the social networking sites. The change started to happen just after November 2007 when facebook stated peaking above 20 million unique visitors. Myspace fought back in March this year, but the surge of traffic never quite caught facebook. In April myspace seem to have given up the fight, and traffic levelled off while facebook continued to increase. Facebook is now pushing 30 Million daily Unique visitors according to Google Trends, with myspace at around 20 Million.


What’s interesting to note is that myspace traffic hasn’t declined in proportion to the increase of facebook traffic. We’re seeing a levelling off towards the end of this year but no big decline. In the meantime facebook traffic is still increasing.

By country

The country stats also show an interesting picture, showing the myspace beatdown in every country except for the US – this isn’t really reclecting a decline in the US social networking market, but rather an increase in the rest of the world and Europe.

As these two Giants of the social networking scene continue to evolve their sites we’re beginning to see the tactics they’re planning on for future world domination, opening up their APi’s is a huge step – allowing other sites to incorporate each networks existing functionality within their own sites. So imagine looking at a housing property site, as I browse the site it shows me the location of my facebook friends and the estimated value of their homes. How about logging into Amazon and seeing what your Myspace friends are reading and recommending. It’s all about making the data on any site personal to you, and pulling in any information within your social networks.
Ultimately this will have the effect of reducing your web footprint, instead of browsing 10, or 20 websites in the evenings, you’ll be looking at 3 or 4, you’ll also be spending more time looking at them, because there will  be even less reason for you to surf off to other sites. This will no doubt do interesting things to ad revenue for those sites, although the question remains as to how a site can be all things to all people – personalization can only take it so far.
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