Facebook continues to make massive gains on Myspace

Facebook continues to make massive gains on myspace.
Myspace is increasingly losing ground to facebook, according to the latest historical stats compiled from Alexa below. When we compare some of the previous largest blogging and social networking sites, myspace, bebo, friendster and blogger.com and we look at daily reach we can see that blogger.com is just out pacing myspace.com. They sort of speak for themselves, but you can see that the new kid on the block – facebook making massive gains – especially this year.

The gains that Facebook is making is even more impressive when looking at the traffic increases over the past 18 months – facebook has come from almost out of no-where to be no.2 – second onlny to myspace in the daily traffic trend for 2007. It even looks like it’s going to overtake myspace towards the end of the year.
It looks like facebooks strategy is paying off, a controlled and personal approach while allowing 3rd party content – they’re certianly learning from the mistakes that myspace has made in the past. It’s going to be it’s going to be interesting to see how much they bend to the pressure for more advertising, or additional inclusion of fake facebook profiles to keep marketing happy. Whatever they do – it’s something that I’m going to keep a close eye on.original chart available here>> Matt

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