It’s all gone a little bit country

Way too many weeds in the garden.

Because sometimes you need a change.

As you can see I’ve changed my theme around a bit, It’s always good to do one in a while anyway. But I was looking at a few WordPress themes, Googling, and hunting around – I came across this free one, I really fell in love with the ‘not just another blog’ style of it – It’s Aeros designed by Joe Fischler at  He’s got some great themes that stand out, I particularly like the Fire and ice theme too, but you’ll can go to his website to check them out – He also offers custom design on request.

I’m going to change the background from the default one to a rural one that’s a little more local to where I live when I get a nice sunny day. It’s been an endless summer of rain, and clouds so I haven’t had much luck in getting good pictures recently.

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EA Petrol Stunt a Massive Success!

In a week where Will Wright’s long awaited Spore was scheduled to be no.1 after years of development, and weeks of UK TV campaigning it was the game from Pandemic Studios that hit the top slot.

Giving away free petrol in the middle of London during rush hour is bound to cause a stir, Gridlock ensued after  the Last Stop’ garage in Finsbury Park started the hand-outs, with customers served by Mercenaries look-alike characters. Word spread like wildfire, complete Gridlock, led to massive online coverage which only increased traffic, followed up the next day by newspaper coverage about the stunt mainly about how irresponsible it was (by those in authority, thus appealing even more to the games target market). To Ease congestion the organisers shut down the offer after 5 hours, at just over halfway through the £20,000 giveaway.

Pretty much every UK national paper covered this story, as well as UK TV stations, blogs and gaming press.

For less than the price of a tanker full of fuel EA managed to get hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of publicity for the game, and additional Kudos with the anti-establishment crowd.
Click the links below to link to their EA related articles.

Job Done! – Just for the record here is the current UK top 10 games charts for the week ending September 6th.

The top 10 games chart is as below

  • 1. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
  • 2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09
  • 3. Spore
  • 4. Wii Fit
  • 5. Carnival: Funfair Games
  • 6. Mario Kart Wii
  • 7. Wii Play
  • 8. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
  • 9. Big Beach Sports
  • 10. Wall-E

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Great news for digital providers that service SMB’s

old haunts
Creative Commons License photo credit: presta
Great news for those in the online digital business (at least in the US anyway) as it looks like the current dip in the Economy is havign a positive effect on the industry.

According to the Kelsey group “81 percent of SMB’s surveyed expect to maintain (47 percent) or increase (34 percent) their spending on advertising over the next 12 months, with only 9 percent planning to decrease ad spending”.

If that wasn’t enough to cheer you up there’s even more good news with “A large percentage of surveyed SMB’s said they expect to continue to adopt Web 2.0 technologies over the next 12 months: 40 percent plan to add customer reviews to their own Web sites; 30 percent will add links or place ads on social sites or blogs; and 26 percent will incorporate video on their Web sites.”

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Crazy CERN webcam action

The LHC Large Hadron Collider is the worlds largest machine, Costing £2.6bn with thousands of people involved in a collaborative project designed to unlock the untold mysteries of our universe. They will have a live online broadcast of the first full beam run on September the 10th. There’s even a rap about it on youtube, so you would imagine they’re pretty crazy busy people – what with maybe the slim possibility of destroying the world and all that.

Well think again! Here’s some of the most exciting screen-grabs from the CERN Live feed today. – Brace yourself, you’ll see a coat stand move, followed by the amazing disappearance of staff. If you fancy having a look yourself before they take the feed down, check out their feed by clicking here (update) For more interesting science related webcams, Tomy suggests looking here

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Time for a blogging change..

There’s a lot of blogs out there..  Right now I feel like this cartoon from geek and poke.

feeling like this?

I’m seriously thinking of swapping to the generic scan, comment and post method of blogging. A blog with few posts gathers nothng but spam comments, and the odd random view – so from the end of this week i’m going to be doing far more frequent, but shorter posts. They’ll cover the normal marketing, technology, and other random stuff floating around the ether.


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Admob take mobile advertising to the next level

With ever more sophisticated browsers included inside mobile phones the choices available to advertisers are changing. Combining high speed access, with location based information can potentially provide a completely different level of engagement with users. One of the most recent examples of this is from Admob, the mobile advertising network.

Not content with just banner ad’s Admob are taking things to the next level, incorporating all the functions available on devices such as the iPhone. Take a look at the video example below.

Ad’s including direct mapping, or telephoning capability. While we have yet to see how many users adopt the iPhone as their choice of communication, what this does do is show us the way forward within mobile advertising. Location based information is at its most useful when the user is mobile, and this is exactly what this brings to the mobile user within their ads. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

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Branded apps sneak onto the iPhone

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I’ve waited a month, I can’t hold it in anymore – The iPhone 2 Software update has been an insane success.

Within 3 days of the application store going live over 10 million apps had been downloaded by eager iPhone users, and as of right now there are over 1350 iPhone applications (in just a few weeks). How can marketing or PR companies take advantage of App capability?

Chanel and Carling (through ad agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay – update) have been the first to successfully develop free branded applications – both very different in style, using separate approaches.

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What’s happened to Wagon Wheels?

It’s my birthday so i’m staying off the tech today. I’ve just indulged myself in a packet of ‘Wagon Wheels’
Wagon Wheels Wrapper.
Wagon wheels made by burtonsfoods have been around for years. They’re basically supposed to be biscuit covered in milk chocolate with a marshmallow and jam centre.

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WordPress App for iPhone

The free WordPress app for iPhone came out earlier today so I thought I’d give it a spin. Pretty easy to use.. What it does do is enable you to save a local copy of your article if you want – or just post straight to your wordpress blog. Once you have made a draught post you can then add photos, set a password or publishing date and make it live. It’s a very lightweight app – making blog posts easy to write one- handed while having a coffee-like I’m doing right now. If you have an iPhone and a WordPress blog give it a go. It’s free!

photo photo
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O2 sold out of iPhone 3G online in under 7 hours!

A quick update to the previous post – Looks like someone managed to get their orders past the O2 flakey website. Despite being utterly crushed by demand UK iPhone upgraders are now being met by the following image.

iPhone 3G sold out in under 7 hours

Showing that the O2 has sold out of its pre-allocated upgrade stock in under 7 hours! This phone’s a hit before it’s even out yet. What on earth has caused O2 to get demand so wrong? Heads are going to roll.


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