What if the ISP controlled the advertising?

This technology is just plain nasty for internet users. Last week Redmoon internet users started noticing a few extra adverts on the pages they visited. In Fact – it wasn’t just the odd page – for those users it looked like the entire internet had been taken over by a massive company paying to get its ads on every site they visited. Some users were thinking they had a virus, running fruitless adware tests, or trying different types of spy ware blocker – with no effect. These adverts are not pop-up ads’ they are inserted into web pages on the fly, and made to look like they’re actually part of the page. After more digging around it was discovered that Redmoon had implemented technology created by NebuAD, which allows the internet provider add their own adverts on the fly to all web pages that their users are viewing. Just imagine what the bbc page would look like..

As a content provider that nice clean website you create could be plastered with adverts that you didn’t want to be there. As an advertiser you get guaranteed advertising, and a ridiculous amount of pageviews – but you do risk creating a bad name for yourself by spoiling the browsing experience for hundreds of thousands of users. Users can opt out – but the less technically savvy amongst them wouldn’t realise it’s an Internet provider powered advert. As far as the ISP goes the potential is there to provide free internet usage providing revenue from advertising is high enough – Or possibly offer users a free internet experience provided they agree to viewing adverts. For the agencies it’s yet another potential outlet – however If the technology continues to develop there is the potential for isp’s to be able to remove existing adverts and replace them on the fly with ones of their own making. I’d like to think that there was some sort of content delivery law which stops the internet provider doing this – but i can’t think of one. We’ll have to keep an eye out and see which other providers start using this technique.

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