Personalised Video Ad’s – Volkswagons Midlife Crisis Retreat.

It’s been done before – but I quite like this example, it’s pretty fun. Volkswagons new campaign for the Passat is based around a spoof midlife-crisis retreat. A place which allows men to get rid of their mid-life crisis and come to terms with their age, and accept that a Passat is now the sensible car for them.I’m not sure if it’s going to sell any cars but as a viral campaign, and brand awareness it works quite well, there’s a lot of people talking about it – allowing you to send a personalised video to a friend. The selection criteria is based on Name (about 70 different ones), Age-range, and a choice of two unsuitable activities out of 10 – such as wearing shirts that are slightly too small, or playing in a rock band. When you send the video it automatically compiles the first part including your selected criteria. The person on the receiving end of the email gets a personalised email from the head psychiatrist with a direct link to the custom video.

I can certainly see more advertisers jumping on this and using this technique. Just imagine taking the user data from Myspace, Facebook and generating personalised video banner adverts to users while their looking at those sites. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Take a look.

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