Great news for digital providers that service SMB’s

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Creative Commons License photo credit: presta
Great news for those in the online digital business (at least in the US anyway) as it looks like the current dip in the Economy is havign a positive effect on the industry.

According to the Kelsey group “81 percent of SMB’s surveyed expect to maintain (47 percent) or increase (34 percent) their spending on advertising over the next 12 months, with only 9 percent planning to decrease ad spending”.

If that wasn’t enough to cheer you up there’s even more good news with “A large percentage of surveyed SMB’s said they expect to continue to adopt Web 2.0 technologies over the next 12 months: 40 percent plan to add customer reviews to their own Web sites; 30 percent will add links or place ads on social sites or blogs; and 26 percent will incorporate video on their Web sites.”

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