Crazy CERN webcam action

The LHC Large Hadron Collider is the worlds largest machine, Costing £2.6bn with thousands of people involved in a collaborative project designed to unlock the untold mysteries of our universe. They will have a live online broadcast of the first full beam run on September the 10th. There’s even a rap about it on youtube, so you would imagine they’re pretty crazy busy people – what with maybe the slim possibility of destroying the world and all that.

Well think again! Here’s some of the most exciting screen-grabs from the CERN Live feed today. – Brace yourself, you’ll see a coat stand move, followed by the amazing disappearance of staff. If you fancy having a look yourself before they take the feed down, check out their feed by clicking here (update) For more interesting science related webcams, Tomy suggests looking here

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  1. Tomy says:

    Hello, I suggest you this link also many live webcams about science, university….