When all you have is an iPhone

image1848705557.jpgThe past week has been an experiment on mobile connectivity for me. I decided to leave the laptop at work while I headed off for a family holiday. Was it possible for a news-feed nut like me to continue to get my news fix, or blog without a fixed connection and often without an Edge or 3G signal.

The answer if course is yes! I’m writing this post in front of a log fire with a chilled bottle of Hoeggarden. It’s been a pleasure to use a feedreader app on my iPhone to pick up my google reader feeds. I’ve been using GPS tracker to post regular location updates to my collegues. It hasn’t mattered one jot that a large amount of my time has been outside of high speed connection range.

What this excersise has done is to give me an insight into the shape of things to come, and how reliant users will be on the mobile networks. I haven’t been travelling through some particularly remote locations and it’s amazing to see how many real mobile blackspots there are in the UK.

If your main job was as a blogger then yes, all you would really need would be a decent smartphone and good reception. Right now, the iPhone ticks all the boxes. But of course as a device for full remote working (from a sys admin, consultancy, or network role), mobiles cannot compete with fixed line devices with the state of the current mobile networks. I’m talking about any mobile SIM based device because they all suffer from the same reliance on mobile coverage.

I can see this gap being resolved within 5 years, by then we will be looking at a totally different landscape. That’s a blog post for another day…

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