Still Here?


I’ve been through several hosting providers, including self hosting this site. I’ve thought of killing it, after all – I don’t want to be seen as a one hit wonder with a couple of killer posts about ad agencies. I doubt the indi blogs are tracking my updates after all those years have passed, and I would be surprised if some are still around.

I’ve ended up with UK provider TSO host and no, it isn’t an ad – if fact I’d be surprised if they knew about this blog. I’ve been around longer than them. Why did I choose to go back to non self hosting? ok..

1. Speed, Hey – Uk blog, UK host,

2.  Cost – surprise! UK hosting has finally almost normalised with US hosting costs.

3. They know what they’re doing – hosting thousands of other UK sites, they understand generic traffic for  sites such as  this.

But why would a guy like me not want to run his own infrastructure for his personal blog? I can sum this up in one word – Distraction. I don’t to be geeking around when i’m trying to write. I don’t want to worry about capacity, or latency, or which WordPress update  might break my installation. I just want to write and go. Blogging needs to be spontaneous, if not, it soon becomes some kind of life journal. That’s the place I yearn to get back to – and that’s my goal – To be happy with commenting about the things I care about, without waiting months.

In the week of the iPhone 6, 5.5″, iWatch launch things may change.


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