It’s all gone a little bit country

Way too many weeds in the garden.

Because sometimes you need a change.

As you can see I’ve changed my theme around a bit, It’s always good to do one in a while anyway. But I was looking at a few WordPress themes, Googling, and hunting around – I came across this free one, I really fell in love with the ‘not just another blog’ style of it – It’s Aeros designed by Joe Fischler at  He’s got some great themes that stand out, I particularly like the Fire and ice theme too, but you’ll can go to his website to check them out – He also offers custom design on request.

I’m going to change the background from the default one to a rural one that’s a little more local to where I live when I get a nice sunny day. It’s been an endless summer of rain, and clouds so I haven’t had much luck in getting good pictures recently.

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