iPhone users insulted by lack of front facing camera

something that the iphone lacks at the front

So before WWDC rumors abounded that a front facing camera would allow ichatAV interaction with desktop and mobile users, it would have been a massive coup, with no other provider able to offer that kind of integration between the live mobile app and the millions of ichatAV users.


It was strangely absent from the Keynote speech given by Steve Jobs on Monday – but a front facing camera is only something that other mobile phone companies have been putting into their kit for years – so where is it? Is it because the US doesn’t yet get the mobile market? Is it because of other more serious infrastructure problems within the US mobile network?

Either way this points to another serious oversight by Apple, and an underestimation of the literacy of mobile users, and their networks in the rest of the world. Either way it’s no wonder we’re feeling insulted by being offered features that should have been included with the first iteration of the iPhone. What a let down.

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