I finally made the switch to WordPress…

It’s taken me a while, I decided that before this blog got any bigger I would change formats and move away from Blogger.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Blogger – It’s been around a long time. Things in the Blogger development world just didn’t seem to move fast enough for me. Going from Blogger to WordPress feels like moving from a rented flat to your own house. It’s your own space, and whatever you want to do with it you can. I didn’t thing that switching blog systems would make a blogging feel so fresh. The move was so easy, I was able to setup WordPress and then inmport all my old Blogger posts just by using the ‘import’ feature inside WordPress.

I use the Joomla content management system for some of my other sites, and i’ve often thgouht it was kind of overkill for some of the content on those sites to use such an in-depth system like Joomla. I’m going to be looking at converting one of them as a test in the coming months just to see how smoothly it goes.

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