H&M Breaking Into Virtual Environments

The Sims is one of the biggest selling franchises in the world. Designed by famous ‘sim’ designer Will Wright (creator of SimCity) it instant hit from when it began shipping in February 2000, it’s a gaming license that’s recognized worldwide, translated into 16 languages and selling 15 million copies. The game revolves around the premise of a gamne where you control the people that live in it. You can build the home of your dreams and then add luxury items, hot tubs, wallpaper, TV sets, and then populate it with a family, watching and helping their relationships and lives evolve. Helping them with jobs, education, and choosing the way they relax. Popular demand for the fans wanting to see the activity of their ‘sims’ outside of the house led to the release of many expansion packs. “Hot Date’ enabled downtown picnics, shopping, and out of town bars and have fun. This was followed by Sims ‘vacation’ and ‘unleashed’ (pets for your Sims).The Sims 2 was released in 2005 and it’s still going strong, and it’s massive. Fully 3D with downloadable content, It’s been followed by loads of expansion packs, and downloadable content. Allowing players to build their perfect ‘Sim’ and dress them up in current fashion, and this is the thing. It’s the ideal environment to add branded luxury items – it’s been done before with several individual items created by players, such as Apple or Sony products but never before on a scale as quite as big as this. This is where H & M come in. They’re allowing their entire summer collection to be available inside the ‘Sims 2’ world.
‘We are very excited that H&M is the first brand to enter The Sims world in this way. For us, the stuff pack is a fun opportunity to meet our customers in a new and exciting environment and to show parts of our summer collection,’ says H&M’s Head of Marketing Jörgen Andersson.” – source H&M Press office.They’re also running a fashion runway showcase which is inviting players to create their own outfit based on 6 design themes, the winner of the public vote will have their design made in a real garmet which will be sold in H&M stores.The Sims 2 allows far more detail and has a global teenage audience rather than the next best option which would have been low quality looking virtual clothing in second life, so this makes a perfect choice for H&M to test the virtual water.

>> Matt

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