Apple store Exeter, UK – Grand opening.

It was a freezing cold morning on November the 24th as I headed down to Exeter for the store opening. It was probably the weather but when I arrived at 7:15 AM there were about 30 people in the queue, and workmen had begun to take down the boarding in front of the store. Over the next hour or so more and more people began to turn up, the queue stretched further than we could see past though the shopping area. We’re normally quite a reserved lot – so that was pretty impressive…

I’m glad that the south west showed their support – about 15 minutes before the store opened the staff began to hype up the crowd running up and down like loonatics, shouting and whooping. All a bit to much for some of the more reserved people in the queue, the guy next to me threatened to pull a moonie if they didn’t shut up! The opening was done in a similar fashion – watch the youtube video I made below sorry it’s a bit jerky, I wanted to grab my T-Shirt. Finally getting into the store I could see the full extent of the queue, and to be honest it was pretty insane for a UK store. 30 minutes after going in, we came out and the queue was still horrendously long, with people being cheered as they went in. You certainly don’t see that kind of line waiting for any other store to open, it really brings home the successful marketing of the Apple Retail machine. The flickr set of the images is here



Boards come off shiny apple logo Waiting
Staff getting hyped up 1st look upstairs Genius Bar
The Horde rushes in 30 mins into opening there were still people waiting outside


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