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What if the ISP controlled the advertising?

This technology is just plain nasty for internet users. Last week Redmoon internet users started noticing a few extra adverts on the pages they visited. In Fact – it wasn’t just the odd page – for those users it looked

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The Death of TV – Part 3 – The internet saved the TV star

When all the users were happily downloading music and video from each other before big industry started slapping them down with anti-piracy writs a large proportion of them were using a peer-peer program called kazza. It efficiently distributed the load

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The Death of TV – Part 2 – Ancient History

When the web was created the connections that people had to access content were relatively slow, only able to transfer small amounts of information and images over long periods of time. Now with cheap broadband technology available, and hundreds of

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The Death of TV – Part 1 – watching the tide of change

In the first of a series of articles I’m going to run through a bit of broadcast background and bring things right up to date which what’s been happening in the past few months and what will happen in the

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Search is Moving – Fast!

The upgrade of last week marked a significant advancement in search engine interface design. It’s a massive brand change for the company that was formally the friendly face of search with ‘Ask Jeeves’ – now it’s leapfrogging the competition

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Personalised Video Ad’s – Volkswagons Midlife Crisis Retreat.

It’s been done before – but I quite like this example, it’s pretty fun. Volkswagons new campaign for the Passat is based around a spoof midlife-crisis retreat. A place which allows men to get rid of their mid-life crisis and

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The Uk still loves Bebo

FACEBOOK & BEBO The Image above shows the most obvious interface differences, Bebo’s clean buttons, Facebooks minimalist titles, and the mess that the Myspace interface has turned into.Why do UK users have a BEBO obsession? Statistically according to Hitwise the

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The Future of Computer interaction (again?)

Microsoft Surface is one of those products that instantly make you stand up and take notice. It’s an incredibly accessible, and natural piece of technology. Taking away the cumbersome pc box and building it into an aesthetically pleasing device. This

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News Mashup Fun

This is basically content from multiple websites and sources combined to form a new site. I love news mashup sites, and there are some really great ones out there, Netvibes, Pageflakes, iGoogle Most of them let you publish your ‘mashup’

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Grrrh! i’m wound up about OLPC

I accept that there are far more important things like clean water, food, medicine, safety, and shelter. But once those basic needs have been satisfied – education and knowledge must be key. The OLPC (one laptop per child) projects goal

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