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Where now for the internet and marketing?

Where now for the marketers, the big brands and the Mega Global Marketing companies? It’s been 20 years since the first main web browser was released, Mosaic back in 1993. We’ve seen many advances in internet tech –  the benefits

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Over 2 years.. wow

A lot of changes in 2 years, especially in marketing agency and digital land. There’s been so many changes since I started this blog in 2007, back then MySpace was bigger than Facebook! It’s time to introduce regular updates and

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So it’s my birthday and i’m thinking of things to contribute

A lot’s happened in the past few months. I haven’t commented on iPad or iPhone 4 simply because there’s not much to say about them than the comments that have already been made by the general Blogosphere. From a marketing

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First UK iPad unboxing filmed in Hi Def on EOS 7D

The first Uk iPad 3G unboxing  and we filmed it in hi Def on an EOS7D – this came in today – a day before official UK release date.

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Start your marketing business off with a bang!

Your chance to snag a complete identity. I’m trading off some of my domains – here’s some of the best. as well as – fantastic name to use as brand awareness and tracking portal.

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How O2 Brought On The Big Fat Fail.

Brands engaging in the social media space must start learning these lessons, they need to understand that they need to respond quickly and coherently when dialogues start spiraling out of control – they need to be able to escalate the

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Facebook still NOT the largest social network in the world

Here’s a little reality check for the people going gaga over facebook reaching 200 million accounts. The Chinese site still currently boasts the largest social network in the world, they hit 200 million way back in January, of course

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@Twitter OMG! Look how you’ve grown!

In just over 2 years Twitter, the webchild of Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone has hit mainstream in a huge way. For those of us that were in on the beta its a testament to the power of

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Skittles Ride The Social Networking Rainbow

Skittles have made the incredibly brave move of making a twitter search their custom home page. Any tweet that uses the word ‘skittles’ now appears on the skittles home page. Brave because no bigger brand has done it before, dangerous

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Transforming A Traditional Agency Into A Digital One – Part 2

When there’s been such a positive response from one of my previous blog posts it’s hard following it up, especially when I know I’m now going into far more uncharted waters for the traditional agencies. I apologise in advance for

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