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Media Molecule show Nintendo how to make a platform game

After finally getting my hands on a beta key I quickly downloaded the 900 MB online download and jumped into Media Molecules pre-release of its much anticipated sandbox platformer. I apologise in advance for the grainyness of my screenshots, after

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OLPC – Intel joins the board.

Just a quick update. I wrote in May about how annoyed i was that intel had brought out the equivalent of a competitor to the XO laptop from the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project. Well, it looks like Intel

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The Death of TV – Part 2 – Ancient History

When the web was created the connections that people had to access content were relatively slow, only able to transfer small amounts of information and images over long periods of time. Now with cheap broadband technology available, and hundreds of

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Zeitgeist 2007

Last month the top internet movers and shakers gathered together to tell their stories and offer an insight on where they see the future going. It’s fantastic stuff, and thankfully there’s been quite a few movies posted to Google with

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The Future of Computer interaction (again?)

Microsoft Surface is one of those products that instantly make you stand up and take notice. It’s an incredibly accessible, and natural piece of technology. Taking away the cumbersome pc box and building it into an aesthetically pleasing device. This

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Little Big Planet Character Customisation

Little Big Planet just keeps on getting better and better, here’s a small trailer to show you just how fun character customisation is going to be. I can see people spending hours just getting their little avatar looking how they

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