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Madison Avenue Blues

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5 Second Films

Ok, this is a distraction – but I love it. 5-Second films (not to be confused with the 5 second youtube channel) is founded by Eric Forrest and Brian Firenzi, with the website created by Daniel Hollister and Brian.  It’s

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Transforming A Traditional Agency Into A Digital One – Part 2

When there’s been such a positive response from one of my previous blog posts it’s hard following it up, especially when I know I’m now going into far more uncharted waters for the traditional agencies. I apologise in advance for

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Agency Migration Mini-Update

Quick update – I’m currently in the middle of writing the next part of my agency change series, but in the meantime I’ve had lots of positive feedback on the earlier post. I’m really glad that there are like-minded people

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EA Petrol Stunt a Massive Success!

In a week where Will Wright’s long awaited Spore was scheduled to be no.1 after years of development, and weeks of UK TV campaigning it was the game from Pandemic Studios that hit the top slot. Giving away free petrol

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Great news for digital providers that service SMB’s

photo credit: presta Great news for those in the online digital business (at least in the US anyway) as it looks like the current dip in the Economy is havign a positive effect on the industry. According to the Kelsey

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Crazy CERN webcam action

The LHC Large Hadron Collider is the worlds largest machine, Costing £2.6bn with thousands of people involved in a collaborative project designed to unlock the untold mysteries of our universe. They will have a live online broadcast of the first

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Admob take mobile advertising to the next level

With ever more sophisticated browsers included inside mobile phones the choices available to advertisers are changing. Combining high speed access, with location based information can potentially provide a completely different level of engagement with users. One of the most recent

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Branded apps sneak onto the iPhone

I’ve waited a month, I can’t hold it in anymore – The iPhone 2 Software update has been an insane success. Within 3 days of the application store going live over 10 million apps had been downloaded by eager iPhone

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US – Welcome to the 3rd rate video-game territory

The US has been pushed into 3rd place in video-game territory revenue according to the latest stats from Nielsen compared the stats to the US and Asia market share – “Gaming generated EUR 7.3 billion (USD 11.4 billion) in

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