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Apple store Exeter, UK – Grand opening.

It was a freezing cold morning on November the 24th as I headed down to Exeter for the store opening. It was probably the weather but when I arrived at 7:15 AM there were about 30 people in the queue,

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I finally made the switch to WordPress…

It’s taken me a while, I decided that before this blog got any bigger I would change formats and move away from Blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Blogger – It’s been around a long time. Things in

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Totally Wired – Book review

Book Review Totally Wired ‘ What Teens And Tweens Are Really Doing Online’ by Anastasia Goodstein. I picked up this book while doing research for a social networking brief, although it has a slightly American twist, i thought it’s content

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Zeitgeist 2007

Last month the top internet movers and shakers gathered together to tell their stories and offer an insight on where they see the future going. It’s fantastic stuff, and thankfully there’s been quite a few movies posted to Google with

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H&M Breaking Into Virtual Environments

The Sims is one of the biggest selling franchises in the world. Designed by famous ‘sim’ designer Will Wright (creator of SimCity) it instant hit from when it began shipping in February 2000, it’s a gaming license that’s recognized worldwide,

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The Uk still loves Bebo

FACEBOOK & BEBO The Image above shows the most obvious interface differences, Bebo’s clean buttons, Facebooks minimalist titles, and the mess that the Myspace interface has turned into.Why do UK users have a BEBO obsession? Statistically according to Hitwise the

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Grrrh! i’m wound up about OLPC

I accept that there are far more important things like clean water, food, medicine, safety, and shelter. But once those basic needs have been satisfied – education and knowledge must be key. The OLPC (one laptop per child) projects goal

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My Daughter with Sparkly Eyes

I’ve done well – i haven’t splattered this page with family pictures yet. But i just have to post this photo i took earlier this morning when testing out a new tent. My daughter came into the tent to investigate,

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PlayStation European Ad Wins Clio Award

This has long been one of my favorite ad’s. It came out at a time when there was little mainstream publicity on gaming, and cut to the heart of what gaming means to so many people. The complete escapism that

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The Impact Of Being A Gaming Parent

With so much bad press being written about gaming these days I thought I’d post a link to a little story I’d found from a mothers perspective, and enjoying gaming with her son. It’s a bit cheesy and has every

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