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Still Here?

Yep, I’ve been through several hosting providers, including self hosting this site. I’ve thought of killing it, after all – I don’t want to be seen as a one hit wonder with a couple of killer posts about ad agencies.

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Transforming A Traditional Agency Into A Digital One – Part 2

When there’s been such a positive response from one of my previous blog posts it’s hard following it up, especially when I know I’m now going into far more uncharted waters for the traditional agencies. I apologise in advance for

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New Site Launch Launch –

I’ve been working on a small side project It’s a tongue in cheek guide to disaster preparedness, suppliers, products and other paranoia. It’s very much a work in progress, but there’s some fun stuff in there already like where

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When all you have is an iPhone

The past week has been an experiment on mobile connectivity for me. I decided to leave the laptop at work while I headed off for a family holiday. Was it possible for a news-feed nut like me to continue to

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It’s all gone a little bit country

As you can see I’ve changed my theme around a bit, It’s always good to do one in a while anyway. But I was looking at a few WordPress themes, Googling, and hunting around – I came across this free

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Time for a blogging change..

There’s a lot of blogs out there..  Right now I feel like this cartoon from geek and poke. I’m seriously thinking of swapping to the generic scan, comment and post method of blogging. A blog with few posts gathers nothng

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iPhone users insulted by lack of front facing camera

So before WWDC rumors abounded that a front facing camera would allow ichatAV interaction with desktop and mobile users, it would have been a massive coup, with no other provider able to offer that kind of integration between the live

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US – Welcome to the 3rd rate video-game territory

The US has been pushed into 3rd place in video-game territory revenue according to the latest stats from Nielsen compared the stats to the US and Asia market share – “Gaming generated EUR 7.3 billion (USD 11.4 billion) in

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If you thought you could ignore the iphone in the UK you’re wrong.

Of course you’re bored of iphone hype, me too. In the UK we’ve been gloating for months about how outdated the iphone is compared to our high speed, gps enabled mobile devices. We’ve had the chance to sit back and

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