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I’ve finally got around to adding my little voice to the millions of other blogs out there with this official blog. I’ve been leaving little bits of me all over the internet since I discovered Mosaic in the 1990’s as the web began. I’m based in Devon, in the UK – and have been involved with online marketing and technology since starting my own web company in 1995 while finishing a Media Lab Arts Degree at the University of Plymouth. I’ve been working for one of the UK’s largest advertising and marketing group of companies for the past 13 years. I’ve been involved with so many aspects of the company as it’s grown – but now I mostly get involved with top level support of infrastructure (intra-site links), managing large-scale campaign hosting, and providing recommendation on up-coming technology and online strategy – particularly where social networking, or mobile technology is concerned.

I’m currently developing a Media Lab to enable our internal planners, and creatives with the knowledge and awareness they need to plan and develop engaging interactive world-wide campaigns – ranging from the latest in-game advertising, to content delivery over mobile phone.

I’m passionate about improving the world through technology and innovation – something that’s interested me since experimental work with providing internet access and video conferencing facilities to farmers in rural communities. It’s the internet that’s enabled me to carry on doing what I do without endless traveling and relocating to a large city.

It’s a great big world out there.

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  1. Joe says:

    Glad you’re using my new theme! By the way: if you define “float:none” for the bookmark grafx in the sidebar, your blogroll will show up.

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