Month: September 2008

The first Google phone has a nipple, and it sucks too!

What does it have going for it? It has a nipple! It’s not a real one, it’s a roller-ball style navigation like the traditional Blackberry Pearl. OK, so having a touchscreen is supposed to make this kind of thing obsolete,

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It’s all gone a little bit country

As you can see I’ve changed my theme around a bit, It’s always good to do one in a while anyway. But I was looking at a few WordPress themes, Googling, and hunting around – I came across this free

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EA Petrol Stunt a Massive Success!

In a week where Will Wright’s long awaited Spore was scheduled to be no.1 after years of development, and weeks of UK TV campaigning it was the game from Pandemic Studios that hit the top slot. Giving away free petrol

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Great news for digital providers that service SMB’s

photo credit: presta Great news for those in the online digital business (at least in the US anyway) as it looks like the current dip in the Economy is havign a positive effect on the industry. According to the Kelsey

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Crazy CERN webcam action

The LHC Large Hadron Collider is the worlds largest machine, Costing £2.6bn with thousands of people involved in a collaborative project designed to unlock the untold mysteries of our universe. They will have a live online broadcast of the first

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Time for a blogging change..

There’s a lot of blogs out there..  Right now I feel like this cartoon from geek and poke. I’m seriously thinking of swapping to the generic scan, comment and post method of blogging. A blog with few posts gathers nothng

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