Month: May 2007

The Future of Computer interaction (again?)

Microsoft Surface is one of those products that instantly make you stand up and take notice. It’s an incredibly accessible, and natural piece of technology. Taking away the cumbersome pc box and building it into an aesthetically pleasing device. This

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News Mashup Fun

This is basically content from multiple websites and sources combined to form a new site. I love news mashup sites, and there are some really great ones out there, Netvibes, Pageflakes, iGoogle Most of them let you publish your ‘mashup’

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Grrrh! i’m wound up about OLPC

I accept that there are far more important things like clean water, food, medicine, safety, and shelter. But once those basic needs have been satisfied – education and knowledge must be key. The OLPC (one laptop per child) projects goal

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My Daughter with Sparkly Eyes

I’ve done well – i haven’t splattered this page with family pictures yet. But i just have to post this photo i took earlier this morning when testing out a new tent. My daughter came into the tent to investigate,

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The changing face of search.

Just a little movie from Loren Feldman, about how search is going to be changing. He makes an important point about extra screen space being taken up by video content from Google results, as well as the importance of companies

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Little Big Planet Character Customisation

Little Big Planet just keeps on getting better and better, here’s a small trailer to show you just how fun character customisation is going to be. I can see people spending hours just getting their little avatar looking how they

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PlayStation European Ad Wins Clio Award

This has long been one of my favorite ad’s. It came out at a time when there was little mainstream publicity on gaming, and cut to the heart of what gaming means to so many people. The complete escapism that

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The Impact Of Being A Gaming Parent

With so much bad press being written about gaming these days I thought I’d post a link to a little story I’d found from a mothers perspective, and enjoying gaming with her son. It’s a bit cheesy and has every

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Bye Bye Audio Cassettes

Ok – It’s finally happened, cassettes are dead. To be fair though, i have some nice memories, early spectrum games loading from tape, – recording things from the radio, listening to music on my first Walkman. But we can wave

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