Year: 2007

If you thought you could ignore the iphone in the UK you’re wrong.

Of course you’re bored of iphone hype, me too. In the UK we’ve been gloating for months about how outdated the iphone is compared to our high speed, gps enabled mobile devices. We’ve had the chance to sit back and

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Apple store Exeter, UK – Grand opening.

It was a freezing cold morning on November the 24th as I headed down to Exeter for the store opening. It was probably the weather but when I arrived at 7:15 AM there were about 30 people in the queue,

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I finally made the switch to WordPress…

It’s taken me a while, I decided that before this blog got any bigger I would change formats and move away from Blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Blogger – It’s been around a long time. Things in

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Why I’m waiting for Second Life’s 3rd life

The virtual world known as ‘Second Life’ was created in 2003 by Linden Research inc (commonly known as Linden Labs), It’s basically an open 3D world with a real-world economy selling virtual cash for real cash in exchange for buying

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Fix My Street

I apologise to non UK readers as this is a UK only site, It’s not often you come across web sites which have a really obvious real-life local community benefit. That’s why put a smile on my face. Type

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OLPC – Intel joins the board.

Just a quick update. I wrote in May about how annoyed i was that intel had brought out the equivalent of a competitor to the XO laptop from the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project. Well, it looks like Intel

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Micro Video Blogging

I’ve recently been looking at, it’s essentially another Twitter clone, letting you publish your feeds, or texts into Hictu. Just to recap – Twitter is a micro blogging service – designed for you to write short text messages to

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What if the ISP controlled the advertising?

This technology is just plain nasty for internet users. Last week Redmoon internet users started noticing a few extra adverts on the pages they visited. In Fact – it wasn’t just the odd page – for those users it looked

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The Death of TV – Part 3 – The internet saved the TV star

When all the users were happily downloading music and video from each other before big industry started slapping them down with anti-piracy writs a large proportion of them were using a peer-peer program called kazza. It efficiently distributed the load

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The Death of TV – Part 2 – Ancient History

When the web was created the connections that people had to access content were relatively slow, only able to transfer small amounts of information and images over long periods of time. Now with cheap broadband technology available, and hundreds of

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